Create IAM policies using AWS Lambda

In this article let’s look into how we can Create IAM policies using AWS Lambda and attach it to an existing IAM role during deployment using terraform. Imagine a scenario where you are working in a multi AWS account environment and the lambda in the main account needs permissions on other accounts ( for assuming […]

AWS Lambda to update SES bounce notification Topics

AWS Lambda to update SES bounce notification : If you are using AWS SES ( Simple Email Service ) to send out emails to your customers, partners through your cloud applications, over the time you may come across bounce email issue which need to be resolved immediately. I advise you to prepare for the worst […]

Amazon GuardDuty multi account threat detection solution.

Amazon GuardDuty is a threat detection service that continuously monitors for malicious activity and unauthorized behavior to protect your AWS accounts and workloads, read more about the service on Amazon documentation . we are going to look into how to implement Amazon GuardDuty multi account solution using terraform scripts. Let’s look into a read world […]

AWS DynamoDB TTL – Setting up the right way

AWS DynamoDB offers a feature called Time to Live, when enabled on table in Amazon DynamoDB, a background job checks the TTL attribute of items to determine whether they are expired AWS DynamoDB TTL – This is easy to setup except that there is a catch with data type declaration before saving (putItem) into table […]

Amazon Transcribe and Comprehend – great solution for cloud based call center operations

Use Amazon Transcribe and Comprehend services to convert audio conversations into text and detect customer sentiment, resulting text and sentiment ( positive, negative or neutral) can be saved to choice of your database , in this example I am saving the results to DynamoDB Requirements for Amazon Transcribe and Comprehend Listens to S3 bucket put […]

AWS Lambda Java vs Python identify efficient programming language

AWS Lambda Java Vs Python – which is a better Programming language choice for Lambda ? AWS Lambda Java Vs Python :Goal of this article is to identify better programming language between Java and Python to run serverless programs in the AWS Lambda environment. I am looking at the following metrics to determine which one […]