Working with COVID Data in AWS

Lambda on CW schedule – Capture states data into S3 bucket daily for analysis purposes.

AWS Transit Gateway

AWS Transit Gateway Hub and Spoke model

Create an AWS Transit Gateway Hub and Spoke model – with all isolated VPCs and a Shared Services account (Hub) 
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AWS Transfer for SFTP – complete solution

Replace your on-prem SFTP work loads into Amazon Transfer for SFTP
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Python vs Java Lambda performance

Lambda – Python vs Java

Python vs Java – which one is a better programming language for Lambda
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AWS Lambda to configure SES Bounce notifications

Automate your SES bounce notification Topic configurations using Lambda and CW
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AWS Directory Service

AWS Directory Service and System Manager

Setup AWS AD service and connect using AWS System Manager
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Amazon Transcribe and Comprehend examples

Amazon Transcribe and Comprehend

Convert conversations from audio files into text and detect Sentiment
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CloudWatch log group permissions

lean how to add Cloud watch log group permissions to send events from a Cloud Watch event rule.
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Amazon GuardDuty multi account solution

Centralized threat detection solution for your multi account AWS environments.

OPA cloud compliance policies
OPA policies

Cloud compliance using OPA Policies

Terraform and OPA to validate compliance rules

IAM permissions boundary

IAM Permissions Boundary

How to implement Permissions boundary to restrict unwanted access
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Create IAM policies using AWS Lambda
In this article let’s look into how we can Create IAM policies using AWS Lambda and attach it to an existing IAM role using AWS Lambda.
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