Amazon Transcribe and Comprehend – great solution for cloud based call center operations

Use Amazon Transcribe and Comprehend services to convert audio conversations into text and detect customer sentiment, resulting text and sentiment ( positive, negative or neutral) can be saved to choice of your database , in this example I am saving the results to DynamoDB Requirements for Amazon Transcribe and Comprehend Listens to S3 bucket put […]

IAM Permissions boundary – Best way to restrict permissions.

IAM permissions boundary is an advanced feature for using a managed policy to set the maximum permissions that an identity-based policy can grant to an IAM entity – read more about Permissions boundary on AWS Documentation page Watch this aws reinvent video to get familiar with IAM permissions boundary concept , start from 30 mins […]

Terraform workspaces – avoid redundancy

Terraform organizes infrastructure through workpaces, that includes maintaining separate remote state for each environment. Terraform workspaces starts with a single workspace named “default”. This workspace is special both because it is the default and also because it cannot ever be deleted. we will be creating new workspaces for each environment as opposed to maintaining separate folders […]

Cloud compliance using OPA Policies

Implement Cloud Compliance policies using OPA Policies and protect your cloud infrastructure. Integrate OPA policies in CICD pipeline and validate your code , OPA is open source and it is easy to implement and only requires basic programming skills. Cloud compliance using OPA Policies When we provision the infrastructure and deploy resources into cloud , […]

AWS Transfer for SFTP complete solution

As per AWS documentation , AWS Transfer for SFTP is a fully managed service that enables the transfer of files directly into and out of Amazon S3 using the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)—also known as Secure Shell (SSH) File Transfer Protocol. for companies moving their SFTP operations into cloud this can be a good […]

AWS Directory Service setup and RDP using AWS System Manager

Complete solution to setup AWS Directory Service and domain join with EC2 in a private Subnet and connect to AD using AWS System manager. Welcome to Bastionless AWS Cloud. Use case : Set up AWS Directory Service in AWS cloud ( Standard edition) in a Private Subnet , launch a Windows instance in a private […]

AWS Lambda Java vs Python identify efficient programming language

AWS Lambda Java Vs Python – which is a better Programming language choice for Lambda ? AWS Lambda Java Vs Python :Goal of this article is to identify better programming language between Java and Python to run serverless programs in the AWS Lambda environment. I am looking at the following metrics to determine which one […]

AWS account level settings – simple changes makes big impact

Safeguard your AWS account with simple AWS account level settings. these configurations can be automated using Terraform as well S3 – block public access to S3 . By default public access is blocked for new buckets, access points, and objects. refer to this AWS documentation for more information EBS volume Encryption – Enable EC2 volume […]